Closest Airport is Inverness, International Airport is Glasgow
Closest National Express bus station is Inverness, closest train station is Alness

How to find us:
First of all head to Glasgow (we're approx. 3hours north of Glasgow)
1.Best route to Glasgow is to head up the M6
2.This then leads to the A74
3.This then leads to the A74(m)
4.This then leads to the M74 which takes you into Glasgow.

There are then 2 ways north of Glasgow to get to us. The route we recommend is listed below. The other route taking you past Loch Lomond, Fort William and Loch Ness is a very scenic route but unfortunately is also  a tortuous route of bendy roads dropping your speed down to 20-30mph for long stretches. There are also very few stretches suitable for overtaking.

5.Exit M74 at Glasgow Jct. 4 signposted "M73 (M8) Stirling/ Kincardine Bridge". (This takes you around Glasgow unlike the Loch Lomond route which goes straight through.)
6.Continue North on M73 for 5.7miles. At this point you will be heading towards "Stirling"
7.Follow signs for A80 Stirling
8. Continue on A80 around a big sweeping bend. It looks like you're joining a different road although this is still the A80.
Get into centre lane. This then turns into the M80.
9. Follow the M80.
Again watch for left lane turning off.
10. The road then splits to Sterling or Perth. Follow signs for Perth M9
11. At roundabout follow Perth A9.
12. At next roundabout turn left following Inverness A9

Thats the tricky bit over with. It's now very simple.
13. Continue to head North just stay on the A9.

As a guide to how far away you are:
14. When you pass Aviemore you're around 1 hour away (don't forget these are rough guidelines. If your coming in Summer or stuck in traffic it will take a bit longer)
15. When you hit Inverness you're around 20 minutes away. Keep following A9 over the big bridge (Kessock Bridge).
16. At the next roundabout you want the 3rd exit (a right turn), signposted "A9 Wick".
17. When you get to Cromarty Bridge you're around 5-10 minutes away. Turn right at the roundabout immediately after the bridge (A9 Wick)
18. Go past the "Evanton" turnoff.
19. Now lookout for the next major left a few miles further on. It will be signposted "local services, Alness and Bonar Bridge B9176". Take this turn off.
20. Go past the "services" turning and then just past the railway bridge take the "Evanton" turning on your left. Watch out for ice if arriving in winter.
21. You will see us on the left. A large white building. This is us at The Wheel Inn. Take the 2nd entrance just past our sign and park straight in front. Again watch out for ice in the car park.

Welcome to The Wheel Inn Chalets!
If you look to the
left of the Wheel Inn you will see our tempory home a static caravan, which is also used as our site office.

Winter Warning!
In winter the A9 can be closed by snow as can the A82. If they are closed you may have to take a rather long detour. Before you set off we recommend you check the AA's roadwatch service on teletext for road closures. If you need new directions then give us a call.

A9 Traffic warning
Just a quick mention regarding Summer and the A9. Although the quickest route up here it can also be home to some of Scotlands maddest tourists. We have been cut up and nearly run off the road by cars and minivans loaded up to the roof as they race to get here. And every year several people and indeed sometimes whole families never make it. Please allow yourself plenty of time to get here. If you are going to be later than 8pm there's no panic just call us to let us know. There are plenty of good dual carriageways suitable for overtaking and there are several stretches of single carriageway which look good but aren't.
For your own safety ONLY use the dual carriageways for overtaking. It's worth noting too that there are quite a few active speed cameras installed because of all the accidents.

Estimated Times
sbviously times can vary depending on traffic and when you travel. I originally came from Leeds and 15 years of travelling up here has resulted in a quickest overnight drive of 5 hours from Leeds and over 8 hours with stops on a busy day. So to get a general idea just calculate how far away you are from Leeds if heading up the M1 or Manchester if heading up the M6 and then add on 5-8hours. Some people find it too far to drive in 1 day and stop off in Edinburgh for a night on the way.

Again I can only make suggestions based on a trip from Leeds but when we do the trip we tend to make 3 stops. The first just after the A66/M6 junction near Carlisle, the second at the Perth roundabout (step 11.) and then the last at the 1st Aviemore turnoff. There's a petrol station and toilets here if you want a quick break.
Have a safe trip!