Welcome to 3DHeliflyer

This website has been created primarily to promote R/C 3D helicopter Flying and I hope by sharing my experiences and those of my many friends it will be of benefit to others, so they too can maximise there enjoyment of this wonderful Sport.

The content whilst being mostly based on our experiences will be honest and varied although additional input will be included when available from other reliable sources and will Include practical reviews, tips and advice.

For obvious financial reasons and in part due to the speed of model development and technology we can only admittedly scratch the surface of what's actually available, but would like to think that the information we do give will be of use to others.

Part of the website will be dedicated the Scottish Heli Scene of which we are heavily involved in and will include news and views about our exploits and travels throughout Scotland and occasionally further a field including 3D days, Fly-ins and Competitions.

I hope you found the site interesting and informative, but just before I go..any feedback on what you found is appreciated via the  contact link both good and bad. 

Thanks for taking the time to drop by!