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We'd come up one year and have a great time at the Nevis range finding that the next year it was too icy and that the Cairngorms had the best conditions but were too far to drive every day. For instance the picture above was taken at the Lecht in October 2002. Yes October!!. There'd been a snowfall out West but the Cairngorms were shut due to maintenance. But luckily we're just off the A9 and around an hour from the Lecht! 

So are you wondering whats the best thing to do? How about staying somewhere that's not actually at any of the resorts (and therefore cheaper) but is within an hours access of 3 of the resorts and within 2 hours of the rest. That way we could get up in the morning, have a leisurely breakfast, check the days weather and snow reports and head of to the best of the bunch for an afternoons pass! Perfect!!

All the resorts offer a half day pass and we've actually found in the past that even when we stopped at the resort itself that's what we took advantage of the most- the half day pass. Normally from noon until 4 or 5 this pass is usually excellent value and after 4 or 5 hours riding we're ready to hit the pub anyway.

So give us a try for your bargain Ski/snowboard break. Please find below information and links for all the various resorts. If there's anything we've missed just give us a call or email us and we'll look into it for you..
Welcome to our Ski/Snowboard page.
chalets in winter!
Imagine booking a Scottish Ski or snowboard holiday only to find your local resort is closed all week and the rest are open!!!

The weather!! The eternal problem which you have to think about when booking any UK holiday causes just as much trouble in the winter months. Well we believe we've come up with a simple solution. When we moved up here we wanted to make sure we within easy range of at least one of the resorts. But which one?? We've spent years snowboarding up here and we know the problems the weather can bring!!
Our recommendations.
Firstly you should stay here with us (bit obvious that one). Secondly if you've never skiied or boarded before and are unsure which to choose we recommend snowboarding. Why?
Because if you want to learn to ski you'll need a weeks lessons to just get going but if you want to learn to snowboard you'll only need 1 mornings lessons to get you going. Also whilst a beginner skiier has to stick to green runs (which can be frozen up or even snow free) a beginner snowboarder can tackle green, blue and even some easy red runs within the first week giving a lot more scope for riding.
Some days the only runs available are further up the mountain and are usually blue, red and black.
Except for the cairngorms all green runs are at the bottom and are therefore the first to melt. The Cairngorms green runs are at the very top. The problem with that is if there is any sort of wind they shut the mountain to beginners.

And if you are looking for somewhere to book lessons we recommend going to the Lecht.
This resort has lots of easy runs and tends to have snow when everywhere else is melting or
closed due to high winds.

And finally a word of warning. Dont always believe what the resorts tell you with regards to snow conditions!
We've been there when conditions have been "great" but have been unable to stand up or ride due to ice!
Another reason not to stay at the resort but to stay where you can easily reach all of them.
Probably your best bet is to ring around the Highland ski shops and whilst asking about their hire facilities ask them about the current snow conditions.

Cairngorm Range
Good range with some great runs. Good for beginners if the weather and conditions are right. Tend to shut early in bad weather. But when they are shut The Lecht is usually opne. Some lifts can be icy and tricky for beginners although new railway should solve that.

BBC ceefax page 421 (warning: updated by Cairngorm)
Teletext page 174 updated independently
Day pass 24.00, half day pass 18.00 - tel: 01479 861261


Nevis Range
Great place to learn to snowboard. I learnt to snowboard here. 1 morinings lesson then I went straight up the chair and loved it. Great for beginners and experienced riders. Back of mountain quite often closed due to avalanche risk. Also dont always believe their own condition reports. Tend to be on the optimistic side.

Day pass 22.00, half day 15.50 - tel: 01397 705825


The Lecht
Great place for beginners and more experienced riders. Tends to get a lot of snow and becuase its sheltered in a valley it's usually open when Cairngorms are storm bound.

BBC Ceefax page 421
Day pass 17.00, half day 13.00 - tel: 019756 51440


BBC Ceefax page 421
Day pass 21.00, half day 15.50 tel: 01397 41320


BBC Ceefax page 421
Day pass 20.00, half day 14.50 - tel: 01855 851226


Snow and weather reports
If you look at all the tourist literature you'll see various phone numbers with all the reports. We recommend you dont bother with these as they are all premium rate numbers. Instead we recommend you either give the local hire shops a call or check out the current forecasts online at:

Ski FM
Nevis Radio 96.6 (daily ski reports)